World Diabetes Day 2021

To mark World Diabetes Day and the 100th anniversary of the discovery of Insulin, global healthcare company Novo Nordisk held a ceremony at Burj Plaza in Dubai in collaboration with the Embassy of Denmark and the health authorities in the United Arab Emirates.  As a long-standing partner of Novo Nordisk, our Director Shailen Rao was honoured to be asked to deliver a speech at this historic event.

The event was attended by local health authorities and strategic partners with a view to strengthen their cooperation, enhance the public awareness of diabetes, and develop prevention plans and initiatives.

Shailen referred to the UAE as “representing a diverse, multi-national and multi-skilled nation” and for organisations to think beyond “traditional service delivery models” helping us to start “reimagining the patient care pathways that harness the full potential  of the multidisciplinary workforce”

The theme which ran through the event was the importance of working collaboratively across the healthcare systems involving leaders among pharmaceutical companies, and the medical profession with the aim to support patients.  This along with the strapline of the event being ‘Beyond Innovation’ is extremely fitting to Soar Beyond’s ethos, which is to push boundaries and drive innovation in healthcare. 

Prior to this event, and as part of our ongoing determination to fulfil this vision, we had partnered up with Novo Nordisk and the Department of Health in Dubai, to run a weight management service improvement programme.  This is a positive step in the right direction and was also reflected in a speech given by The Ambassador of Denmark, Franz-Michael Skjold Mellbin when he touched on the importance of public private partnerships working closely with patients to ensure compliance and successful treatment.

The event ended in spectacular fashion and is another proud moment for Soar Beyond – As the crowd gathered in front of the Burj Khalifa, a true symbol of innovation and ambition, we were presented with the most breath-taking moment of the day.  The Burj Khalifa was lit up in an amazing projection show, and the Soar Beyond logo was projected onto it for the world to see! 

Shailen’s final word – “just like the Burj Khalifa, let us also be a beacon in revolutionising diabetes service delivery for the future to maximise the benefits of new technology. We can and MUST go “beyond innovation” to truly transform diabetes healthcare planning and delivery”

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