Case studies

We’re not all about savings, but if we can deliver quality AND savings and everything else in line with our PQRS philosophy, then we always do. Here are some examples of the types of outcomes we have delivered in Medicines Management.


A practice of 12,000 patients in Aylesbury, Bucks with outcomes delivered by Soar Beyond practice based pharmacist service over a one year period.

Soar Beyond Intervention Results

As QOF lead, implemented innovative ways of working to free up GP and nurse time

An increase from the previous year in QOF payment of approximately £15,276
Thorough review of all systems and procedures led to a personally administered drug audit uncovering a large loss of earnings Income increased by £12,950 from the previous Year
Complete ownership of medicines management indicators of the CCG Quality Management Scheme Maximum payment of £17,000 received and an under spend of 10% on the prescribing budget (prior to pharmacist support the practice was overspent on the budget)
Successfully implemented clinics in key long term conditions to drive better patient outcomes Clinical improvements clearly demonstrated by the metrics provided on the CCG medicines optimisation dashboard
Proactively streamlined and systematised the repeat prescribing process to considerably reduce workload 75% of meds management queries handled by the pharmacist