An innovative, effortless online solution to standardise, mobilise and accelerate clinical pharmacist services in general practice.

Despite many surgeries having access to pharmacists, experience shows that a lot of practices struggle with effectively and efficiently utilising the expertise and making the most of their skillset in order to achieve positive outcomes for the practice.

This inexperience of the role, paired with the ever demanding workload and financial pressures in primary care can make the prospect of investing time to set up, deliver and measure the return on investment of clinical pharmacists, particularly daunting. This lack of time and knowledge of the role can lead to:

• No reduction or, even worse, an increase in practice workload
• Incorrect use of a valuable skillset
• Poor job satisfaction and therefore retention

We are passionate about supporting practices, primary care networks, federations and CCGs to effectively embed pharmacists as part of the multi-disciplinary team. Rather than see practices struggle with the effort and worry that inevitably comes with recruiting, planning and ensuring successful execution of a new role, we’ve packaged our extensive experience of successful delivery into SMART.

SMART is an innovative solution supported by a customised SMART web platform to help you to achieve the desired outcomes, quickly, safely and effectively including:

Reporting at federation, PCN and practice level which:
• Accelerates productivity and performance
• Supports deployment and rollout of clinical pharmacist investment
• Improves visibility on the ROI on pharmacist investment for sustainability
• Enables easy tracking for PCNs to ensure the requirements of the national service specifications the pharmacist has responsibility for are met

Consistent simplified performance development which:
• Enables effective and safe delivery from day one
• Supports practices to recruit, manage and retain their pharmacist workforce
• Enables focused approach for organisations and PCNs to manage performance development and ensure the pharmacist is on track and equipped to deliver what is required across multiple practices

Clinical and management tools and templates for practices and pharmacists:
• Drives standardisation and quality
• Reduces duplication of effort and variation
• Ensures efficiency and effectiveness of role at scale, particularly relevant to PCNs

Pharmacists will also have access to a network of over 1,000 pharmacists, with the opportunity to attend free training workshops and access to online resources.

We share your passion to develop your primary care workforce, and believe that pharmacists play a critical role in helping improve access and care to patients.

Get in touch to take your own SMART needs assessment for your organistaion, PCN or practice to see how SMART can support the seamless embedding of your practice pharmacist.

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