i2i Network

An insight to implementation network designed to integrate and upskill the pharmacist workforce


Pharmacy is at the cusp of a breakthrough - new roles like GP pharmacists and the move towards integration across sectors means it is an exciting, but rapidly changing, environment. How are the various sectors and individuals ensuring clinical competence? How are they equipping themselves to be capable to step into the emerging roles - be they medicines optimisation or community or clinical pharmacists? We know that without the right infrastructure, training and support, pharmacists will flounder or spend time re-inventing the wheel.

Soar Beyond has made it our passion and our mission to support the growing and evolving profession to succeed. By applying our 12 years expertise as a private service provider of primary care pharmacist services as well as our hundreds of collective years working in medicines management and GP pharmacy, we have established the i2i Network.

The i2i Network was a finalist in the 2018 HSJ awards for ‘Improving Outcomes through Learning and Development’ because it is uniquely implementation and outcomes-focussed.

The i2i Network stands for ‘insight to implementation’ and is a free, bespoke training programme for pharmacists across all sectors. Focussing initially on providing a systematised approach to implementation for GP pharmacists, we are now applying our standardised and simplified implementation methodologies for medicines optimisation pharmacists as well to support an integrated training approach.

The i2i Network programme is unique because it isn’t just an expertly designed and delivered workshop. It supports pharmacists to implement by applying structured change methodologies and provides an online suite of implementation resources.

Check out our YouTube channel for more information on what pharmacists say after attending our workshops and about our online resources.

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We have been working with Soar Beyond since 2016 to support the implementation of the practice pharmacist role in long term condition management through the i2i Network.  The concept of the i2i programme focuses on supporting the practice-based pharmacist to implement in a standardised and structured way to improve patient care through educational workshops supported by a suite of online implementation resources.

At the workshops, we witnessed a transformation of those who lacked confidence and a sense of direction, to an empowered and enthusiastic pharmacist feeling supported and keen to implement what they had learned to improve patient care. 

As a result of the continued success of the i2i Network type 2 diabetes programme,  Napp has expanded its partnership to support the asthma programme.  We were delighted to be acknowledged as a key partner by Soar Beyond when the i2i Network was a finalist in the 2018 HSJ ‘Improving outcomes through learning and development’ award.  Our field and head office teams continue to work closely in partnership with Soar Beyond to support the roll out of the  i2i Network locally.

Dr J Paul Schofield – Medical Director, Napp Pharmaceuticals Ltd