i2i Network

An insight to implementation network designed to integrate and upskill the pharmacist workforce


Industry is recognising that engaging, influencing and supporting GP clinical pharmacists is going to be vital for success - particularly where portfolios cover primary care or require successful shared care or interface working. This role is going to flourish in both scale and influence on prescribing as specified in the NHS Long Term Plan and with the 100% funding for PCNs as part of the ARRS (Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme).

Do you understand the GP pharmacist role and how you can support?
Do you have a national strategy supported by localised networks?
Do you have a bespoke value offer and reason to be engaging?
How are you engaging and supporting the role to implement?

Soar Beyond has a rapidly growing membership of over 1500 GP pharmacist members through our i2i Network - an insight to implementation network designed to support, upskill and equip practice pharmacists to implement effectively. The programme is delivered entirely free of charge to practice pharmacists through industry collaboration.

The i2i Network programmes combine interactive e-learning modules, live face to face and virtual training blended with on-demand sessions. Best of all, the programmes are designed to provide access to a suite of implementation resources including stratification models, clinical searches, templates, change management and QI methodology and project resources. We inspire, motivate, and systematise delivery to reduce the effort for the GP Pharmacist to stratify and take on the management of your LTC or QI (quality improvement area). We have also managed to do all of this in a virtual way whilst retaining the company and field force engagement and contact.

Practice pharmacists really are an ideal group of clinicians to invest, develop, upskill and nurture because they are:

• mostly Independent Prescribers
• hungry and enthusiastic to learn
• seeking to specialise in specific long-term conditions (LTCs)
• able to provide additional capacity and skill in management of LTCs
• are the key clinical experts around medicines
• leading on interface working and shared care
• keen to be involved in projects that demonstrate the impact they are having on patient outcomes and practice workload

There are various ways of supporting the i2i Network membership of GP Pharmacists ranging from exclusive LTC sponsorship, localised sponsorship, bespoke programmes and even delivery of localised QI pods and more. Soar Beyond also has a range of NHS sites - PCNs, Federations and private providers with clinical pharmacists who are keen to work on collaborative projects.

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We have been working with Soar Beyond since 2016 to support the implementation of the practice pharmacist role in long term condition management through the i2i Network.  The concept of the i2i programme focuses on supporting the practice-based pharmacist to implement in a standardised and structured way to improve patient care through educational workshops supported by a suite of online implementation resources.

At the workshops, we witnessed a transformation of those who lacked confidence and a sense of direction, to an empowered and enthusiastic pharmacist feeling supported and keen to implement what they had learned to improve patient care. 

As a result of the continued success of the i2i Network type 2 diabetes programme,  Napp has expanded its partnership to support the asthma programme.  We were delighted to be acknowledged as a key partner by Soar Beyond when the i2i Network was a finalist in the 2018 HSJ ‘Improving outcomes through learning and development’ award.  Our field and head office teams continue to work closely in partnership with Soar Beyond to support the roll out of the  i2i Network locally.

Dr J Paul Schofield – Medical Director, Napp Pharmaceuticals Ltd