4D™ Service Redesign

Taking the frustration, uncertainty and pain out of driving pathway improvements and service change.

Are you frustrated with the slow pace of change in the NHS? Although your customers want to drive change and improve pathways and bottlenecks, they simply don’t have the bandwidth to drive this forward. The pain and effort of implementation feels excessive, while any potential benefits and gain seem relatively uncertain.

Unless you find a new approach to alleviate this effort and drive the pathway change needed, you’ll struggle to make progress and become increasingly frustrated and demoralised - and so will your NHS customers.

What if there was a way to provide the credibility and a more simplified change and QI ( Quality Improvement) methodology? What if you had the facilitation, QI and project management expertise and capacity to do this for, and with your customers?

The answer is a 4-dimensional approach to implementing pathway change - that's why we created 4D™.

We’ve packaged our change management expertise and templates into an accreditation and upskilling programme for field teams whose key role is to drive these pathways and enable localised QI as part of their market access roles. Naturally, we can also do this innovatively and engagingly through online delivery and support.

This enables your teams to remove any obstacles and facilitate the changes that need to happen quickly and easily.

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