4D™ Service Redesign

Taking the frustration, uncertainty and pain out of driving pathway improvements and service change.

We know how frustrating it is for you to drive change in a complex, and often slow, health service. It takes a lot of energy, engagement, skill and capacity. Sometimes it can seem never-ending and furthermore, the commissioning cycle and Prince 2 methodologies are too complex and rigid to apply to real projects.

It’s easy to lose interest and momentum, or never even launch change projects in the first place. This is because the pain and effort of execution can feel insurmountable, while the benefits and gain seem uncertain. Implementing change projects shouldn’t be so hard!

What if there was an effective, credible way to implement change using a simplified methodology supported by the facilitation, project management expertise and the capacity to do this for, and, with you?

The answer is a 4-dimensional approach to implementing pathway change - that's why we created 4D™.

We’ve packaged our collective change management expertise into a neat and structured change programme which is designed to get results quickly. 4D™ provides all the tools and templates for speed to a solution.

The structure and design of the programme facilitates clear and concrete outcomes which can easily be delivered in a timely way – and all without the stress and difficulty that goes with them.

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