Training Internal Teams

Upskill your teams to engage and connect

Are your field teams struggling to transition from a clinical or formulary-based proposition to a service or value-based proposition? Although they understand the difference in concept, they often don’t have the skill set, mind-set and empathy to make this change themselves.

This results in poor access or worse still, when access is finally secured, poor connection with NHS customers and a lack of meaningful engagement. This means that despite your value offerings being credible, they will not get accepted or implemented properly. The question that no-one wants to ask is “Are your field teams still relevant?”

A sheep-dipping training exercise on the NHS environment is not enough to address the root cause – you need a more competency-focussed solution that ensures your teams can grab the attention of your target customers, as well as, driving engagement and access.

Because Soar Beyond is still a provider in the NHS delivering to PCNs, Federations, and Network, we understand the relevance and we have developed a suite of training strategies and solutions to support your teams in really making a mental and physical shift in the way they work. We have also adapted these strategies and tools to be delivered in an engaging and meaningful way, virtually for the new normal bringing NHS customers and their insights to life.
Instilling the mindset of a business owner whilst embedding customer empathy is a ‘must’ to be considered as a game-changer for you.

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“Having worked with Soar Beyond for many years, it has been fantastic to work closely with them again recently across our business area.  We have commissioned Soar Beyond to work on both internal upskilling of our market access teams and external payer support and consultancy.  We are particularly excited to be supporting a national pathway redesign programme using the Soar Beyond proprietary 4DTM methodology.  

From a personal perspective, I can always trust Soar Beyond to really understand my needs, develop effective interventions and always deliver to the highest of standards.”

Sarrah Barakat – Market Access Manager