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Refine and shape your pharmacy activation strategy (PAS) and value offer to drive market access across all your brands

The NHS landscape has changed significantly in the last few years and is continuing to change. The NHS long-term plan sets out key ambitions for healthcare over 10 years to make the NHS fit for the future. This included the introduction of PCNs and investment in key areas such as increasing and improving the workforce. These changes have shown how clinical pharmacists in primary care can really benefit patient outcomes.

Various NHS documents and policies have outlined how the NHS Long Term Plan will be implemented and these include:

• The contact network directed enhanced service (DES) sets out the requirements and entitlements for PCNs to deliver an improved standard of care and services across the country to benefit patient care. To support PCNs, the additional roles reimbursement scheme (ARRS) provides funding for additional roles to create bespoke multi-disciplinary (MDT) teams, meaning we could have an average of 6 x clinical pharmacists (7500) and 2 x pharmacy technicians (2500) in each PCN by 2022/24

• NHS white paper – working together to improve social care for all, looks at the integrated model in providing care by building strong and effective integrated care systems (ICSs) across England

• Integrated pharmacy and medicines optimisation (IPMO) - ICS and STPs are required to develop and integrate their pharmacy workforce in line with the IPMO programme by September 2021. Each ICS chief pharmacist to lead the work to support the integration of the pharmacy workforce and deliver medicines optimisation across the system.

What is your company doing to align with this?

• Do you understand the importance of the integrated pharmacy workforce on the decision-making and implementation of your portfolio?
• Which roles does your brand currently target?
• Do you have a coherent strategy per brand?
• Do you have different people engaging with the same customers?
• Do you understand which roles are important now and in the future for your products?

We can refine and shape your pharmacy activation strategy (PAS) and value offer to drive market access across all your brands. We can help you and your teams to:

1. Understand key NHS documents and policy papers
2. Understand the whole pharmacy workforce across all sectors (community pharmacy, primary care, secondary care) and their individual priorities
3. Refine and agree on a Pharmacy Activation Strategy with key brand stakeholders. Create a value proposition with reasons for engagement and how you can support the pharmacy workforce to deliver on their priorities. Agree on timelines on delivery
4. Engage and work with the wider business on agreed deliverables and recommendations
5. Have your PAS ready for September IPMO discussions

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“We chose Soar Beyond to help us develop and implement our Pharmacy Activation Strategy because of their heritage and expertise in primary care pharmacy; they really understand the various pharmacy sectors and their relative importance for our portfolio of products. Not only have they helped us to map the entire patient journey and potential interventions, but they have supported us to identify the service and workforce development opportunities so that we have a clear short, medium, and long-term vision and matching value offer that will drive market access of our brands.”

Marketing Director, Top 10 Global Pharmaceutical Company