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Do your teams need help targeting and engaging with the correct customers?

Access has never been so difficult, and it is even harder if your teams and your value offer are no longer relevant.

How can you be sure who your influential target customers are at Primary Care Network and ICS level? In life post-Covid-19, this challenge of targeting and engaging with the right customers has been amplified as the new workforce expands with diverse new roles and varying experiences.

Do your teams understand the types of services and offerings that resonate and make your new customers want to partner with you?
Failure to understand and anticipate future opportunities will mean having no valid reason to engage or continue these relationships as your relevance diminishes.

We can help you understand the relative influence and interest of your NHS customers as well as their “pains and gains” and therefore support you to develop value and implementation offers that really activate and excite them.

Because Soar Beyond is commissioned directly by the NHS, we can help you to:

• Identify who your customers and influencers are now and in the future
• Recognise what matters to these customers and how to align your propositions
• Provide them with the ‘value’ they need to engage with you
• Reduce the effort your customers need to make, to effectively implement

Find out about our suite of services that help market access, marketing and sales teams both virtually and face to face to:

• Align your product and service proposition to deliver meaningful value to build long-term relationships
• Embed market access of your products
• Accredit your teams to manage service redesign
• Design and deliver bespoke service solutions which are tailored to your needs

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“Soar Beyond has been delivering a ‘Core Group’ of Advisors to us since 2013 and we continue to renew this service annually because we find the insights and the intelligence provided by this high calibre advisory group invaluable in shaping our services and product positioning.  

The Core Group comprises a cross-section of senior decision-makers (and national leaders) across primary and secondary care to simulate a real health economy and has evolved over the last five years to include STP and transformation personnel. This group meets three times a year but we also have the ability to reach out to them to ask for advice and meet 1:1 or remotely to help shape our offerings and suggest key priorities for discussion at future Core Group meetings. This means that we are more connected and responsive to NHS priorities at a strategic-level and ensures that we are only investing in market access support that the NHS values or needs.

I would recommend Soar Beyond to other companies seeking to understand, align and service their payer decision-makers in a more meaningful way.“

UK Head of External Affairs – Global Pharmaceutical Company