Implementation Tools

Web-based toolkit providing a value offer to your field teams

With the evolving landscape of primary care and the focus on population health, coupled with the demands on general practice, the need for multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) is becoming increasingly important in working together to deliver better patient care and embedding quality improvements (QI) processes.

We are seeing NHS organisations working towards an integrated working model within primary care to drive patient care, whether it is ensuring patients see the right person at the right time, embracing transparent communication and collaboration across the MDT, and/or creating a learning environment.

With this in mind:

1. How are you currently engaging the whole MDT within primary care?
2. How are you supporting the capability within the MDT?
3. What are you currently doing to build legacy in QI within primary care?
4. What tools do your field teams have to support medium to long-term primary care initiatives?

Our web-based e2e (end to end) implementation toolkit provides a value offer to your field teams that supports any primary care MDT member to proactively implement QI for patients in your therapy area using structured QI methodology known as 4D™.

The end 2 end suite of 4D™ tools and templates is hosted on a password-protected website and its target audience includes:

• General practitioner
• Practice / PCN pharmacist
• Pharmacy technician
• Practice nurse
• District nurse
• Physiotherapist
• Occupational therapist
• Practice manager

e2e includes:

• Mapping of current patients by the MDT, highlighting QI areas and providing a case for change
• Identification of patients suitable for review by any primary care HCP, including searches and templates
• Template QI and audit tools and presentations for reviewing findings

This toolkit could be supported by external 4D™ facilitated / QI pods by Soar Beyond to gain MDT agreement.

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