4D™ Service Redesign

Support your NHS customers to drive pathway improvements and service change by implementing our 4D™ change programme

You know that the increased access for patients to your medicines requires improved pathways. You also know that the NHS drive and ability to deliver service and pathway change is limited, and this has been compounded since COVID-19. Although your customers want to improve pathways and bottlenecks, they simply do not have the change capability or capacity to deliver this. This can equate to a frustratingly slow pace, lack of momentum and may lead to many service redesign pathway projects that end up fizzling out. The pain and effort of implementation feels excessive, while any potential benefits and gain seem relatively uncertain.

What if there was a way to provide credibility and a more simplified change and QI (Quality Improvement) methodology? A solution is a 4-dimensional approach to implementing pathway change created by Soar Beyond. 4D™ has now been used in 200+ healthcare projects globally and Soar Beyond has trained over 500 pharmacists on the application of 4D™ for QI projects in primary care; it is simple and easy to follow and integrates all the best elements of Prince 2 and agile methodology as well as QI tools. Soar Beyond 4D™ change experts can be commissioned within collaborative working projects to facilitate and drive these pathway initiatives for you. Contact us for more information

Training and accrediting your teams to become 4D™ NHS change facilitators

What if you had the facilitation, QI, and project management expertise and capacity to do this in-house for, and with, your customers? We’ve packaged our change management expertise and templates into a tried and tested accreditation and upskilling programme for field teams whose key role is to drive these pathways and enable localised QI as part of their market access roles. Naturally, we can also do this innovatively and engagingly through online delivery and support.

Imagine how much more effective you would be at driving pathway change This enables your teams to drive localised service redesign projects, remove any obstacles and facilitate the changes that need to happen quickly and easily.

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“Novo Nordisk has been working with Soar Beyond since 2016 to support NHS organisations, to optimise their pathways and clinical services, using the Soar Beyond proprietary 4D™ methodology in facilitated stakeholder meetings. This started with Soar Beyond’s consultancy and expertise in delivering 4D™ change programmes. Due to the success of this approach, we have now rolled out an intensive upskilling programme for our field-based market access team, whereby they become accredited to apply the 4D™ methodology to support service optimisation. I’ve enjoyed the collaborative approach with Soar Beyond to create market access solutions to meet both our business and NHS customer needs”

Hasseena Winter – National Market Access Manager, Novo Nordisk Ltd