Remote Pharmacist

High-quality clinical pharmacist support, delivered remotely to your practice

A key objective of the clinical pharmacist role is to alleviate some of the clinical burden currently faced by GPs, including a large amount of time spent on clinical administration e.g. medication queries, discharge summary processing, and medication reviews. These tasks are often squeezed in between direct patient care, adding to already very long working hours. Having GP / PCN clinical pharmacists as part of the core team has alleviated these pressures and shown value in recent years. However, every practice is different and our experience has shown that the same core workload comes up time and time again.

Our remote pharmacist service provides an opportunity to access support to increase capacity in a targeted and flexible manner, around your needs and ways of working, to manage clinical administration safely and efficiently; either working independently or alongside your GP or PCN clinical pharmacist; this frees your pharmacist to concentrate on patient-facing activities where needed.

Some examples to consider remote support for includes:
• To augment your current pharmacist capacity - remote support can be an efficient way to deliver the clinical administration workload across more than one practice, with each one receiving a small amount of time on specific days freeing up your own pharmacist to deliver the patient-facing role
• As the short-term additional capacity to tackle a specific need e.g. back-log on medicines reviews, addressing medication queries, and prescription reauthorisation
• To support specific projects e.g implementation of your local medicines optimisation scheme, to deliver a particular audit, DES support
• Where recruiting a pharmacist is difficult
• Where there are geographical challenges – the pharmacist resource needs to be deployed across a large rural area making it impossible for one pharmacist to deliver physically
Your practices will be supported by high-quality clinical pharmacists with previous experience of working in general practice. All work is guided by standard operating processes developed and signed off by the senior Soar Beyond pharmacist team. Soar Beyond has completed the NHS Digital Data Security and Protection Toolkit assessment and all staff are GDPR trained. Our remote service can be delivered as part of a blended package alongside our comprehensive SMART service, providing a structured system for your own pharmacist or our fully managed service where we take on pharmacist employment on your behalf.

Want to find out more? We can work with you to develop the right level of remote support for your organisation and patients' needs. Costs vary depending on the nature of the service.

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