QI Pods

Facilitated and structured QI initiatives and projects

There is no single definition of QI (Quality Improvement) but following a 2009 Health Foundation review, this is the probably the most user-friendly:1

better patient experience and outcomes achieved through changing provider behaviour and organisation through using a systematic change method and strategies.”

The problem is that there is a lack of QI capability within general practice:2

Although QI is embedded in healthcare strategy and even in QOF, and despite the fact that 99% of practices are undertaking some element of QI2, there is both a lack of capacity and capability in healthcare and particularly in primary care with “42% of GPs and 51% of practice managers identified a lack of skills in managing and analysing data as being a barrier to improvement in general practice.”2

That is why Soar Beyond developed our innovative and facilitated QI pods to support implementation particularly in long-term condition management. This means that structured QI initiatives and projects supporting process and change improvement can be developed in localised pockets or as national initiatives and all participants can learn the skills and overcome challenges together whilst implementing together experientially. The QI projects seek to upskill the QI lead, whether that be a pharmacist, nurse, GP, manager or other healthcare professional to drive the improvement change process as part of a wider MDT. To find out more about our innovative QI pods, contact us here:

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“Soar Beyond’s QI (Quality Improvement) pods are an innovative, interactive way of engaging an interested cohort of customers, galvanising their desire to make QI change and providing them with the structure and support to do this well. Through an expression of interest process, Soar Beyond has been facilitating these QI pods to help equip the frailty champions to drive the QI in their practices. We now have developed a frailty QI community through the pods which is really helping us to build relationships with these GP Clinical Pharmacists for us as a company and supporting patient and process QI implementation. Having the QI pods as a value offer to drive implementation has been a key part of our delivery and implementation strategy.”

Hannah Harding, Senior Scientific Affairs Manager, Nutricia