4D™ Strategy Workshops

A bespoke structured project and QI approach to implementing pathway, systems, and service change

Are you finding it even more difficult to agree on a shared vision, strategy and to co-ordinate your delivery plans? Although you and your teams are focused and committed to driving quality improvement in service delivery and pathway change, you simply do not have the bandwidth and change capability to develop and advance this strategy at the pace required. The larger PCN population and ICS footprint increase the complexity and broaden the stakeholders you need to involve and take along with you.
This can lead to a frustratingly slow pace of change, demoralisation at the lack of progress, unproductive meetings, and a raft of unfulfilled plans. The pain and effort of implementation feel excessive, while any potential benefits and gain seem relatively uncertain.

What if you had the facilitation, project management expertise, and capacity to define your strategy and implement your workstreams using simplified change and project methodology? That’s why we created the 4D™ approach to change implementation.

Soar Beyond has taken the most useful elements of Prince 2, Agile and other change methodologies and developed a bespoke structured project and QI (quality improvement) approach to implementing pathway, systems, and service change bespoke for healthcare. By having our 4D™ change management facilitators with extensive experience and credibility in creating and delivering NHS service projects, we will facilitate your stakeholders to define a shared vision and strategy; identify and remove any obstacles; design and deliver your mobilisation plan and ultimately lead you to demonstrate the outcomes and benefits you need to achieve.

Find out how we are currently applying our 4D™ service change-facilitation to NHS organisations. Examples include:

• ICS IPMO steering groups
• Pathway redesign
• Primary Care Networks

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“We commissioned Soar Beyond to support the Health and Wellbeing Board in producing and publishing a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment. We wanted to go beyond the PNA and really look for a way of really optimising what community pharmacy can offer especially at a time when other  Primary Care services are very stretched. Soar Beyond supported us with two structured 4D sessions, bringing together a range of stakeholders, LPC, ICS, local councillors and commissioners from the public health team. The facilitators took us through the session, making it really engaging and informative at the same time -getting us to think differently about how we could transform the way we do things across the system in Harrow. We created a vision which resulted in a prioritised action plan and transformation programme to help Community Pharmacy develop a role as part of an integrated Primary Care system.”        

Laurence Gibson. Consultant in Public Health, Harrow Council


“SE Oxford Health Alliance chose to invest in the SMART Platform and facilitated 4D strategy sessions so that we could align member expectations and vision for the pharmacy workforce as well as providing clear, structured development and deployment plans.

Having the Soar Beyond team supporting us to do this through the structured 4D sessions has been powerful in gaining that shared vision and a structured 12-month plan that all member practices are signed up to. Anjna and the team have been really vested in our success from running the initial session with the practices, defining desired competencies, supporting with recruitment and interviews, and now customising the project-managed approach to delivery planning”

Dr Kathryn Brown – Clinical Director, SEOx HA PCN