Shailen Rao

Guest Speaker on Komal George’s Happy Healthcare Professionals Live Show – The importance of why in pharmacy leadership

Shailen has always been very focused on his ‘why’ both personally and corporately.  This Live interview reflects on Shailen’s personal journey from community pharmacist to managing director of Soar Beyond.

Happy Healthcare Professional Live Show – Full playlist

Ziad Laklouk

Guest Speaker on Tara Humphrey’s The Business of Healthcare Podcast

The business of healthcare podcast looks behind the scenes at the business side of healthcare by talking to NHS and private healthcare leaders and this week Ziad shares his pharmacy journey and what led him into working in primary care networks.
As well as working in primary care Ziad is part of our Soar Beyond Ltd team and plays a big part in providing workforce solutions for pharmacists and other #ARRS funded roles.
Topics will include integrated working, Leadership skills, Growing into the GP Clinical Pharmacist roles.
Watch this space for confirmation on times and agreed titles.

The Business of Healthcare Podcast

Anjna Sharma

Guest Speaker on Anisha Patel’s – Pharmacist Diaries

Anjna is our Director of Pharmacist Services and she was asked to speak on this episode of Pharmacist Diaries to talk about how working with Soar Beyond has given her flexible working, growth culture and development opportunties.  The episode highlights the value of and demonstrates what you can achieve if you think outside the box, are adventourous with career decisions and challege yourself without fear.


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