Pathway Implementation Service

Pathway Implementation Service

Pathway Implementation Service

Identifying the need for change and designing a potential solution is only half of the journey towards a reforming a pathway, especially where a new team is involved. Mapping the skills and competencies within a new team, designing an upskilling programme and monitoring the impact can be vital to the successful implementation of the new pathway.

Pathway implementation is our end to end pathway / service redesign solution and encompasses all of the expertise that Soar Beyond is renown for: Healthcare systems knowledge, change management, proven training through the i2i digital platform, and competency mapping using the SMART platform all united in a programme based around our proven 4D™ change model. Pathway Implementation is Soar Beyond’s Flagship service offering and represents our desire to provide end-to-end service for implementing change.

For Healthcare:

We are able to work with your team from concept to completion around redesigning, implementing and monitoring an entire treatment pathway. The flexibility of our approach makes our Pathway Implementation Programme suitable for all healthcare organisations, not just those within the UK.

Having the Soar Beyond team supporting us to do this through the structured 4D sessions has been powerful in gaining that shared vision and a structured 12-month plan that all member practices are signed up to. Anjna and the team have been really vested in our success from running the initial session with the practices, defining desired competencies, supporting with recruitment and interviews, and now customising the project-managed approach to delivery planning

Dr. Kathryn Brown 

Clinical Director, SEOx HA PCN

For Pharma:

Pathway Implementation represents an opportunity to engage with and add value to, the NHS on a cutting-edge programme to entirely re-work a pathway. The adaptability of the our methodology means that any therapy area can be accommodated and a scalable ‘best practice’ example can’t be developed and replicated elsewhere.

Having worked with Soar Beyond for many years, it has been fantastic to work closely with them again recently across our business area. We have commissioned Soar Beyond to work on both internal upskilling of our market access teams and external payer support and consultancy. We are particularly excited to be supporting a national pathway redesign programme using the Soar Beyond proprietary 4DTM methodology.

From a personal perspective, I can always trust Soar Beyond to really understand my needs, develop effective interventions and always deliver to the highest of standards.

Sarrah Barakat
Market Access Manager


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