Riad Choudhury

Riad supports the Soar Beyond business at a clinical and project management level. He develops and delivers written resources, e-Learning, and service tools for our NHS and pharmaceutical industry commissioned services such as i2i Network and SMART. Riad began his career in community pharmacy and soon took on a more clinical role working at Interface Clinical Services. There, Riad delivered long-term condition reviews and clinical audits as a clinical pharmacist in primary care, before assuming the role of regional lead pharmacist. He was responsible for 12 clinical pharmacists who he trained and developed clinically and ensured service delivery standards and operational excellence were maintained across his region. His role involved ensuring compliance with industry regulatory standards and the ABPI code of conduct, in which Riad is fully trained and qualified. His most recent position was working for Bayer Pharmaceuticals, as a pharmacist territory manager and focused on educating and up-skilling PCN, practice-based, and CCG pharmacists on anticoagulation use in AF. He was the main point of contact clinically for the region and worked at a regional leadership level, ensuring that a scientifically clinical strategy was in place. Riad is passionate about the well-being of patients. This, coupled with his thirst for science and its impact on the lives of many, attracted him to an endeavoring career in healthcare. Riad is driven by self-development and obtaining new skills and he is currently looking to obtain his PRINCE2 qualification.
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