The UK NHS, like other healthcare systems, is getting harder for the pharmaceutical industry and other private providers to navigate and to access key stakeholders and decision-makers. Since most of our leadership team are former NHS senior personnel and decision-makers, we look at market access completely differently; we see it from your payer customers’ perspective.

Becoming future-proof

With expertise in change management, Soar Beyond has taken the most useful elements of Prince 2, Agile and other change methodologies and developed 4D™, a bespoke structured project and QI approach to implementing pathway, systems and service change for healthcare. Because 4D™ catalyses the whole change process, it has now been applied in over 300 healthcare transformation projects in the UK and across the globe.

It’s a real shift in mindset and skillset to deliver a value proposition rather than a product proposition that will withstand the changes in directions and organisational structure in healthcare.

The Soar Beyond team of experts will work with you to provide both the NHS understanding and insights whilst co-designing a value proposition that meets your commercial goals. This often means challenging existing structures and approaches but will be strategically aligned to the needs of your target customers. Most importantly, you will have a route map for practical implementation.

Our consultancy services are bespoke and, where possible, we involve real customers to shape and deliver. Our services may include advisory boards, training programmes, coaching and mentoring and shaping of payer-facing tools and resources. It’s time to pivot and elevate your value proposition and increase market access through collaboration.

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We chose Soar Beyond to help us develop and implement our Pharmacy Activation Strategy because of their heritage and expertise in primary care pharmacy; they really understand the various pharmacy sectors and their relative importance for our portfolio of products. Not only have they helped us to map the entire patient journey and potential interventions, but they have supported us to identify the service and workforce development opportunities so that we have a clear short, medium, and long-term vision and matching value offer that will drive market access of our brands”

Marketing Director, Top 10 Global Pharmaceutical Company

Soar Beyond’s has been a key part of our market access strategy and success in 2022 including the i2i Network supporting engagement with our target PCN GP clinical pharmacist audience.

The programme has not only brought us a valuable offer through the demo login for the field team, but the on-demand and live virtual training with implementation resources has generated more e-permissions for the company than the entire company had before!

What we like best about it is that we get monthly metrics reports and can actually see engagement through utilisation and downloads and the number of consents to contact. I really would recommend the i2i Network programmes for anyone trying to get to the PCN pharmacist audience at scale and in a highly  credible and meaningful way.”

National Market Access Manager, Cardiovascular Portfolio, Top 10 pharmaceutical company

Novo Nordisk has been working with Soar Beyond since 2016 to support NHS organisations, to optimise their pathways and clinical services, using the Soar Beyond proprietary 4D™ methodology in facilitated stakeholder meetings. This started with Soar Beyond’s consultancy and expertise in delivering 4D™ change programmes. Due to the success of this approach, we have now rolled out an intensive upskilling programme for our field-based market access team, whereby they become accredited to apply the 4D™ methodology to support service optimisation. I’ve enjoyed the collaborative approach with Soar Beyond to create market access solutions to meet both our business and NHS customer needs”

Hasseena Winter, National Market Access Manager, Novo Nordisk Ltd

Having worked with Soar Beyond on a number of training and NHS partnering projects at different companies, I have found them to be very responsive to our needs and to ensure the subject matter is both relevant and informative. As they work at the cutting edge with the NHS directly, the additional offerings around tool kits to support healthcare professionals are forward thinking and absolutely in line with the NHS agenda. For example, the i2i toolkit which they have developed for our disease area focus has attracted huge interest from medicines management and primary care network pharmacists. This provides a platform on which we can act as peer level partners in the improved management of patients whilst provide us with commercial opportunities in line with this agenda. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Shailen and his team.”

Colin Smith, Head of Field Sales, Alliance Pharma 2020
Soar Beyond were commissioned to undertake our 2015 and 2018 Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment due to their expertise, as well as their robust and thorough approach to document production.  Throughout the process, Soar Beyond were proactive, flexible, responsive, and committed to producing the highest quality PNA possible. The resulting documents have been very well received by our Health and Wellbeing Board. Soar Beyond have helped us to navigate the changing PNA deadlines and supported us throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are continuing to use Soar Beyond to keep our PNA up to date through the supplementary statement process and have also commissioned them to produce our next PNA due in 2022″
Natacha Bines, Head of Population Insight, Suffolk County Council

“I like how the [i2i] training journey starts with reflecting own competencies which helps me to understand my learning needs. Another reason why I like using the i2i platform is the e-learning modules are divided into different parts rather than one big module. My favourite feature of the i2i programme is the implementation resources.  the ‘ABCDE’ structured approach forms the backbone to how to run a pharmacist-led specialist clinic”

Wing Chi Cheung, Lead PCN Pharmacist

Having the Soar Beyond team supporting us to do this through the structured 4D sessions has been powerful in gaining that shared vision and a structured 12-month plan that all member practices are signed up to. Anjna and the team have been really vested in our success from running the initial session with the practices, defining desired competencies, supporting with recruitment and interviews, and now customising the project-managed approach to delivery planning”

Dr. Kathryn Brown, Clinical Director, SEOx HA PCN
We have been working with Soar Beyond to produce our pharmaceutical needs assessments since 2017 and have been impressed with their knowledge of the regulations,  hard work, and professionalism in producing both the final product and updates in the form of supplementary statements. They managed complex relationships between the various stakeholders to get a fit for purpose relevant PNA published in time and to the satisfaction of the Health and Wellbeing Board. They have been proactive and easy to work with throughout. We have recommissioned Soar Beyond again to produce the now delayed 2021 PNA and also the subsequent one for 2025″
David Conrad, Deputy Director of Public Health, Hertfordshire County Council

Soar Beyond has been delivering a ‘Core Group’ of Advisors to us since 2013 and we continue to renew this service annually because we find the insights and the intelligence provided by this high calibre advisory group invaluable in shaping our services and product positioning.  

The Core Group comprises a cross-section of senior decision-makers (and national leaders) across primary and secondary care to simulate a real health economy and has evolved over the last five years to include STP and transformation personnel. This group meets three times a year but we also have the ability to reach out to them to ask for advice and meet 1:1 or remotely to help shape our offerings and suggest key priorities for discussion at future Core Group meetings. This means that we are more connected and responsive to NHS priorities at a strategic-level and ensures that we are only investing in market access support that the NHS values or needs.

I would recommend Soar Beyond to other companies seeking to understand, align and service their payer decision-makers in a more meaningful way”

UK Head of External Affairs, Global Pharmaceutical Company 2019

“Soar Beyond’s i2i Network has been a fundamental part of our market access strategy and success in 2022 in engaging with our target GP clinical pharmacist audience in Primary Care Networks.
The programme has not only brought us a valuable education tool with a demo login for the field team to bring a value offer, but the on-demand and live virtual training with implementation resources has generated more e-permissions for the company than the entire company had before.

What we like best about it is that we get monthly metrics reports and can actually see engagement through utilisation and downloads and the number of consents to contact. I really would recommend the i2i Network programmes for anyone trying to get to the PCN pharmacist audience at scale and in a highly credible and meaningful way.

National Market Access Manager, Cardiovascular Portfolio, Top 10 pharmaceutical company

“We commissioned Soar Beyond to support the Health and Wellbeing Board in producing and publishing a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment…Soar Beyond supported us with two structured 4D sessions, bringing together a range of stakeholders, LPC, ICS, local councillors, and commissioners from the public health team. The facilitators took us through the session, making it really engaging and informative at the same time -getting us to think differently about how we could transform the way we do things across the system in Harrow.”

Laurence Gibson, Consultant in Public Health, Harrow Council

The Pharmacy Team from Nottingham City GP Alliance are excited to be using Soar Beyond’s SMART platform as part of a MDT collaborative working project focussed on improving outcomes for patients with diabetes across Nottingham City. The two year change programme utilises the SMART functionality and 4D™ process to map out workforce capability, supporting the development of a team that is upskilled to meet the current and future needs of our population with diabetes.”

Ankish Patel, Head of PCN Workforce, Nottingham City GP Alliance

Having worked with Soar Beyond for many years, it has been fantastic to work closely with them again recently across our business area. We have commissioned Soar Beyond to work on both internal upskilling of our market access teams and external payer support and consultancy. We are particularly excited to be supporting a national pathway redesign programme using the Soar Beyond proprietary 4DTM methodology.

From a personal perspective, I can always trust Soar Beyond to really understand my needs, develop effective interventions and always deliver to the highest of standards.”

Sarrah Barrakat, Market Access Manager

“As a GP Pharmacist and now dermatology specialist pharmacist, I thoroughly  recommend that GP Pharmacists look at the insight e-learning resources for any of the i2i network programmes. They are high quality and bespoke for your role . I was curious to see what the i2i Network e-learning programme for psoriasis would cover, so I took all 4 modules and it took me approx. 2 hours.  I was extremely impressed with the structure, interactivity and value of the e-learning including the patient testimonials that brought the disease to life. I wish I had this when starting out with my area of interest!”

Dianne Sanderson, Senior Clinical Pharmacist