Scalable Pharmacist Model

SCIP Model

The key question we regularly get asked by GP practices and commissioners, is
"How can we fund such support?"

NO RISK GUARANTEE - We guarantee to save you the value of our service on your prescribing budget or we will refund the difference. N.B We anticipate that the ROI will be at least three times your investment. 

This enables GP practices, federations, vanguards and commissioners to work together in implementing a properly resourced, expert solution at absolutely no risk.

SCIP Model

Given that practices and commissioners stand to benefit from a practice based service that delivers savings and improved quality of care, this service could be jointly funded. This enables practices to receive support for delivery of their day-to-day service whilst also delivering benefits to the CCG. The model could operate at GP federation, vanguard and MCP level to enable scale and impact. This pharmacist resource should be provider based to integrate medicines optimisation within the local provider network. It should work in tandem with all other sectors of pharmacy in the local health economy, including the local medicines optimisation / management team, hospital pharmacy and community pharmacy. We would be delighted to discuss with you what works best in your area.

In order to meet the skills challenge for pharmacists to work in general practice as highly skilled practice based pharmacists, there is a pressing need for upskilling and development.
We have developed the Above and Beyond Academy to meet this need. The training comprises:

  • 1 day classroom training
  • 2 days minimum shadowing
  • 1 day systems training
  • Virtual coaching and accreditation as a practice based pharmacist

For more information on our Above and Beyond Phamacist Academy please click here.