Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

PNA expertise - on time, on budget

The Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) that was published for your Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) in Spring 2015 is due to be revised at least every three years – have you thought about updating it and starting the process yet?


The key objective for the production of a PNA is to deliver and maintain a high quality and user-friendly PNA which fully complies with the Pharmaceutical Regulations.

The PNA will:

  • Clearly identify the current and future health and pharmaceutical needs and provision at locality level including any opportunities for improvement
  • Effectively enable the identification and supportyour HWB’s current and future commissioning priorities using good practice from other areas

It is the responsibility of the HWB to produce the PNA and keep it up to date. A revised PNA will be produced every three years and for most HWBs this will be by April 2018.

A thorough and comprehensive PNA takes about 12 months to produce requiring
board-level sign-off and a period of public consultation beforehand. Failure to produce a robust PNA could lead to legal challenges because of the PNA’s relevance to decisions about commissioning services and new pharmacy openings, particularly in light of the pharmacy contract changes.

Soar Beyond is perfectly placed to either support the delivery or oversee the entire project.

Proven PNA expertise and capacity

Soar Beyond has a successful track record and specialist expertise in providing services to assist in the production and publication of PNAs. During 2014/15 we worked with eight HWBs to effectively produce their PNAs on time and in budget.

Soar Beyond’s PNA delivery team comprises of highly experienced pharmacists, working at director level, who have all progressed within the commercial community pharmacy sector and NHS management. This has enabled Soar Beyond to develop leading edge thinking and robust delivery methodology, whilst instilling confidence in the broad crosssection of stakeholders we engage with from Councils to LPCs and CCGs to Healthwatch. 

We believe our ability to draw on our vast commissioning, medicines management, regulatory and community pharmacy experience to identify local pharmaceutical needs is what makes Soar Beyond different. It allows us to create a high quality and user-friendly PNA rather than merely creating a map and description of services.

What we offer

  • Complete Support Package
  • We provide consultancy, project management, tools and templates to oversee the entire project and production of the final PNA on your behalf.
  • Collaborative Outsource Model
  • We support you to develop a comprehensive PNA by providing the framework and skills required which you may not currently have the capacity or expertise to manage entirely within your organisation.

Whichever option you go with, we will help you deliver the following:

  • Governance and Terms of Reference for the PNA Steering Group
  • Detailed project and mobilisation plan, with associated plan maintenance
  • A RAG rated risk and issue log
  • A corporate risk register entry
  • Questionnaire for community pharmacies
  • Questionnaire for pharmacy users
  • A stakeholder engagement plan
  • A consultation project plan
  • Mapping for the PNA
  • Draft PNA document for consultation
  • Equality Impact Analysis (EIA)
  • 60-day Consultation and Findings Report
  • Final fit for purpose PNA that meets the requirements of the NHS (Pharmaceutical
  • and Local Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2013
  • Recommendations for maintaining PNA post publication
  • Template for supplementary statements after publication


What our PNA customers say about us

"We have commissioned Soar Beyond to undertake our Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment, using their medicines management expertise to produce a robust and thorough needs assessment for the Health and Wellbeing Board. The team have been dedicated, hard-working and committed to achieving positive outcomes throughout the process. As a result of the support we have received and the trust we have in the team, we have commissioned them to keep our PNA up to date over the next three years."

Wendy Marsh, Head of Knowledge and Information,
Suffolk Health and Wellbeing board

"The PNA was received very well and the quality of the report was highly commended by the Board. Dr Shahed Ahmad was also very pleased with the whole process and the finished product. We are very satisfied customers, thank you very much."

Estella Makumbi, Public Health Strategist, Enfield Council

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Here are examples of our published PNA's for 2015:

Brent                  Barking and Dagenham               Ealing                                     Enfield      

Havering            Hounslow                                      South Gloucestershire          Suffolk