Medicines Optimisation

Medicines Optimisation and Treatment Services (MOTs)



Soar Beyond has a strong heritage in Medicines Management. We were founded by Shailen Rao, MD, who was formerly Head of Medicines Management and the Diabetes Service Lead for Hillingdon PCT until 1997.

Since then, our core raison d'etre revolves around optimising patients and their experience of medicines to find the "Sweet Spot" using our PQRS philosophy. 

  • Patients
  • Quality
  • Risk/ Safety
  • Savings- on the wider health budget


We pride ourselves on scouring the market to find initiatives, medicines, devices and technologies that fit in the Sweet Spot and help the NHS meet their quality and savings agenda.

Strategic medicines management

In addition, Soar Beyond delivers strategic medicines management services to a number of CCGs nationally;enabling CCGs to better meet the needs of patients and clinical commissioners.

Medicines Optimisation and Treatment services (MOTs)

We have developed a comprehensive MOT service (Medicines Optimisation and Treatment service) which are pharmacist led reviews of patients which can be commissioned directly by CCGs, GP practices or pharmaceutical industry.

We are currently conducting MOTs supported by the pharmaceutical industry to drive optimisation of medicines and holistic reviews in the following therapy areas:

  • Asthma and COPD
  • Dermatology
  • Mental Health
  • Cost effective branded generics

For more information on our MOTs please see an example of a Hypertension MOT here.