4D Pharmacist Support

The Practice Pharmacist role is not new

Although there has been considerable media attention recently on the potential of the practice pharmacist role, let’s be honest, this certainly is not a new role. Relatively small numbers of pharmacists have been working in practices for many years, often as a result of work done by CCG or PCT medicines management teams or more unusually directly employed by practices.

So, why the sudden excitement about this role?
The RPS and RCCP has recently acknowledge that upskilling pharmacists to develop into high skilled practice-based pharmacists is part of the solution to the two following problems:

  • General practice is in a work force crisis and is overwhelmed
  • Community pharmacy is flooded and over-supplied with skilled pharmacists

We see this growing interest and appetite for practice-based pharmacy as an opportunity to innovate and add increasing levels of value and inegration to practices beyond the traditional practice pharmacist role.

So what's new?

The Soar Beyond 4D Pharmacist-led support programme provides a very cost-effective solution that fits very well with the future models of care such as GP Federations and MCPs.

To date, there has been a mismatch in the current funding model that can now be addressed. As it stands, GP practices have to pay for a pharmacist out of their own (diminishing) resources, whilst much of the financial benefit is to other parts of the system by the CCG prescribing budget.  This has the potential to severely limit the uptake of pharmacists in practices and indeed, may explain why we haven’t seen many more already. 

The opportunity - an innovative funding model (please download our information leaflet here)

We firmly believe that leveraging existing funding could be a great catalyst to deliver meaningful support at practice level. In order to make any difference at the coal face, it is clear that significantly more practice-based pharmacists will be needed in most areas, than are already present. The Soar Beyond 4D pharmacist led service is a very different role at a different scale and will utilise the existing and necessary funding to make it work. It will provide significant commissioning benefits, such as:

  • reduced workload for GP Practices
  • improved outcomes with medicines
  • improved management of repeat prescribing system
  • support for long term conditions management
  • potential for reduced hospital admissions
  • reduced medicines wastage
  • more effective use of prescribing budget
  • adherence to local formularies
  • service integration
  • improved discharge from hospital

To find out more please see our SCIP model