Training and Coaching

One size never fits all, but here’s a taste of the types of services that we have developed using our expertise and NHS insights over the last 6 or more years to help you address your market access and implementation challenges - The Synergy Model.


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Ensuring that your product fits with NHS priorities and how you can best convey this.

  • We have an innovative PQRS diagnostic tool which tests how well your products are aligned to NHS priorities and we can test this with your NHS Payor customers and define ways to help you position your product to better resonate with these customers.
  • We can help you refine your proposition in a number of ways; advisory boards, Insight to Implementation (I2I) workshops or some of our remote and larger-scale solutions.

Equipping your teams to better understand and align with their NHS customers.

  • We have a number of services such as the NHS Payor Academy and training support packages that means your field-based teams get the benefit of the training without time off patch. Our e-digests and webinar clinics receive great feedback and are low-cost, high-impact training solutions for you to provide to your teams. Furthermore, we offer executive mentorships for Industry personnel who want close 1:1 time with key NHS Payors.


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Providing focussed and desired implementation solutions that help your customers meet their priorities.

Services such as commissioning support & re-design programmes, facilitation, local Insight to Implementation Workshops (I2I) and our innovative implementation support tools, such as IT audit tools and Medicines Optimisation & Treatment Services (MOTs) are just some examples of the types of services that can help you drive up the appropriate implementation of your products and services.

To understand the types of services we provide and how we may be able to help you with your challenges, be they national, regional or local, please contact us on