Market Access Services

How can Soar Beyond help you?

We recognise that the NHS environment is challenging and it can be overwhelming to
know where to start and how to go about implementing effective change. Soar Beyond
has, therefore, developed a rapid baseline analysis to help our Pharma clients to identify and prioritise the needs of their company, and which of the expert solutions we can provide to address these needs.

There are usually three elements that need to function effectively in order to successfully access the NHS – your Proposition alignment, your People and your Partnership projects. We therefore apply a Synergy-P analysis using these three ’P’ headings. We use the synergy web tool internally in your company to provide a baseline of current perception, knowledge, skills and services to identify any ‘Challenge Areas’ and may uncover blind spots that enable us to probe further and conduct a more detailed diagnostic.


Synergy P


See Graham Atkinson here explaining why you need to understand the new NHS


The baseline web picture is captured using the following activities:

  • Liaison and interviews with identified company individuals
  • Electronic survey of perceptions and beliefs
  • Initial proposition review – fit for payor purpose
  • Understanding types of current partnership projects

Once the Synergy-P Alignment analysis has been conducted, we undertake a face to
face debrief meeting with you to prioritise the identified ‘Challenge Areas’ and the key
services and solutions we can provide to maximize your investment.