About Us

Our Heritage

Applying our heritage and expertise in healthcare, medicines and pharmaceutical market access, we set up Soar Beyond in 2007. Over several years, our services and the team has evolved and grown but our passion and our raison d’etre has never changed!

• Our cause is to empower others to make a difference through innovation
• Our niche is to drive meaningful outcomes and experiences through medicines.

Our points of difference are that we:

1. Walk the talk in the NHS
2. Simplify the complex using proven methodologies
3. Can be trusted to deliver to a high standard with defined outcomes
4. Are an enabler bringing customers more gain and less pain

Our Values - what drives our behaviours?

1. We are connected to the ‘why’
2. Passion, energy and drive
3. Continuous growth and innovation
4. Focused on the right things the right way, at the right time
5. We help others shine
6. We always deliver a positive experience

What people say