About Us

Since our inception in 2007, the NHS has been experiencing the most radical of changes and so have we. Soar Beyond has innovated and we have expanded both our remit, our perspective and our capability.

What’s changed?

Our heritage is and, will always be, NHS medicines management and commissioning and we have used this expertise to develop services to help the NHS to commission and implement change better. Our core team has expanded and our services cover the breadth of NHS services, from whole-scale systems change using our 4D outcomes accelerator model ™ to supporting medicines management teams and to delivering practice-based pharmacist support services. Most excitedly, we have collaborated with selected partners with valuable and complementary expertise, such as Business Intelligence partners. Our partnership with ELC- Experience Led Care enables us to drive person-centred medicines optimisation and service redesign to commission the services that matter to patients to get the most out of their treatments.

Soar Beyond has been supporting industry such as Pharmaceutical Industry to better engage with the NHS; how to understand the NHS payer needs, upskill your teams to drive market access and develop projects that ensure implementation and uptake. Please see the Synergy-P model for more information and to see the variety of services we provide to Industry.